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Dylan Molloy Art Exhibition - 12 to 23 December, Market House Portaferry

Date: Wednesday 9 December

Dylan Molloy came to notoriety for his eccentric yet stunning representations of the human form and is exhibiting in a solo show at the historic Market House in the picturesque village of Portaferry.

An eminent Irish artist, Dylan Thomas Patrick Molloy has revealed his fresh collection to be displayed in the centre of the coastal village of Portaferry. Molloy is known worldwide for his seductive portrayal of the female form, working with a variety of mediums including charcoal, water colors, inks and acrylics. He has previously hosted several successful exhibitions in a number of cities across the globe, including Belfast, New York and New Delhi.

Dylan Molloy has been creating artwork while travelling the world for over twenty years now. The incident that sparked his love affair with drawing was a terrible motorbike accident in Greece eighteen years ago. To him, travelling is analogous with ‘being curious’ just like an artist’s brush while exploring a canvas, treating it with the same natural inquisitiveness and intrepidness.

The work being exhibited was created in India in the past twelve months, reflected in the warmth of colours and spiritual themes. Molloy has said, “India is a sensory overload both visually and auditory. Seeing the way people thrive here, the vibrant colors through the smog, the holy Babas who surrender their life to meditation and their nomadic wanderings; all of which have helped my art evolve. This is where I chose to stay for a while, to take in all the aspects of human life and portray them to the best of my abilities.”

An autodidactic, Dylan describes this show as an amalgamation of contemporary vintage pin-up noir and the Indian spiritual enlightenment. “It may seem paradoxical,” says Dylan, “but I find it to be the symbolic representation of the old and the new, the modern and the ancient, reflected in the lived reality of India today.”

The Exhibition

Portaferry Market House | 12-23 December, 2020 | 6pm-9pm every day.

Opening night, Saturday 12 December at 6pm. Molloy’s creations are for sale along with a selection of limited edition signed prints.



The venue will be compliant with Covid-19 regulations as per government advice.

Facebook | Instagram | T: 07383 113843 | E: dylanthomasnewyork@gmail.com

Check out the artist at work at Facbook Watch