1st September - 30th September

Rosemary & Walnut Soda Farls  (Makes 4 Farls)

1lb Self Raising Soda Bread Flour (plus a little extra)
2 x TBSP Dried Rosemary
6 oz Shelled Walnuts
1x TSP Salt
Approximately ¾ pint of Buttermilk


Preheat a non-stick pan or griddle pan until fairly hot
Mix together all of the dry ingredients in a bowl that is large enough to hold all of the ingredients
Gradually add in the buttermilk using a metal spoon to bind with the dry ingredients
You may not need all of the buttermilk to bring the dough together but depending on the brand of flour that is used you may need a little more
When you have added the buttermilk you are looking for a not too sticky but not too dry of a mix (you will need to judge this part for yourself)
Generously dust your work bench with the extra soda bread flour & tip out your mix onto the bench
Knead the mix briefly to bring the mix together and form into a circle shape, approx. ¾ of an inch thick
Cut the circle into four parts, then dust your preheated pan or griddle pan with soda bread flour (if the flour in your pan browns very quickly then your pan is too hot and you will need to cool the pan a little and remove the existing flour from pan and replace with fresh flour)
Depending on the size of your pan, or griddle pan, add in the soda farls all at the same time or in batches, being careful not to over load the pan and to allow for expansion
Do not be tempted to turn the bread over too quickly and allow approx. 2 minutes before turning over using a palette knife
Allow approx. 2 minutes on the other side and then transfer the soda farls to a baking tray and place them in a hot oven (180oc) to cook them through
You can cook the farls right through on the griddle without using an oven, but until you’re more confident use the oven to finish them off
To test if they are cooked through, insert a cocktail stick into the deepest part of the bread and if the cocktail stick comes out clean then the farl is cooked through
If the cocktail stick does not come out clean then the soda farl is not cooked through and needs to go back into the oven for a few more minutes
Once you are happy that they are cooked through, place them onto a cooling rack and cover them with a damp tea towel to keep them moist
Once cooled consume as soon as possible, preferably on the same day, as freshly prepared bread at home does not keep as long as shop bought bread due to the lack of E numbers and other additives in your bread mix.

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