The Museum packs a lot of history into a small but delightful space

5 September 2018 - 6 January 2019

Upcoming exhibitions listed below:

The Long Gallery

Wednesday 5 September to Sunday 4 November

Bangor Football Club Centenary

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Bangor Football Club. Come along and explore its long history through a range of images, programmes, memorabillia and stories.


Wednesday 7 November to Sunday 27 January

God is on Leave WW1 Exhibition

This moving exhibition by artists Leslie Nicholl and Colin Corkey highlights local men who were killed or injured in the First World War. It is a tribute to all those who served and commemorates their sacrifices.


The Community Gallery


Tuesday 18 September to Sunday 14 October

Super Seasiders

An exhibit by Alan O'Neill. In honour of the 100th anniversary of Bangor Football Club, this local artist has painted a selection of players, staff and supporters of the club. These unique portraits will be accompanied by video of Alan interviewing each subject about their memories of the club over the years.


Tuesday 16 October to Sunday 11 November

A War Encapsulated in Stone

Preserving the memory of the people involved in the fighting during the First World War, was at the heart of a desire in the 1920s. To find a way to mark their participation in such a large-scale, world-changing event was incredibly important. Holywood artist Rosamund Praeger was at the heart of the movement. This exhibition explores the WW1 monuments and memorials she created across Northern Ireland.


Tuesday 13 November to Sunday 9 December

Octus Art: STORIES

Octus Art is a group of eight artists each of whom has recently completed their Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at SERC in Bangor. This is their first exhibition as a collective. STORIES reflect how each of the artists have been affected by his or her individual experience withing the borough.


Tuesday 11 December to Sunday 6 January

The Essence

The exhibition will capture glimpses of local scenery, history, poems and tales of the local area within Co Down. The artists have created work that dips into the history of buildings, tales and scenery using various mediums which complement the gallery area. Each artist specialises in print, ceramics and felting, using colours and textures which grasp the essence of nature and create a sense of ambiance of the local area.

5 September 2018 - 6 January 2019

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