Helen's Bay Players present "Fallen Angels"

11 April 2019 - 13 April 2019
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Helen's Bay Players present 'Fallen Angels', a hilarious comedy by Noel Coward.

This is a synopsis of the play:

Julia and Jane are the best of friends.  They grew up together, they each married in the same year, and today they live in luxury flats in the same building.  They even loved the same man before they married, a dashing Frenchman called Maurice, and they still sing his favourite song which brings memories of happy times, Pisa for Julia and Capri for Jane. 

Now happily married, what will they do when Maurice sends word that he is in town and he wants to meet up, and he happens to choose a time when their husbands are away playing golf.

With their husbands away, what else can they do while they wait but drink champagne and eat fine food, while they remember happy days, release hidden jealousies, and then drink some more champagne?  All the while, they are waited upon by a superior maid who has been everywhere, done everything and is an expert on everything from selecting golf clubs to surviving the desert.

And then the doorbell rings...

11 April 2019 - 13 April 2019
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Opening Times

  • 8pm


  • £10 (includes a tea/coffee & biscuit)

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