Have a go at Coppicing, a woodland management method involving cutting trees and regrowing shoots

12 January 2019

The National Trust at Mount Stewart are inviting members of the public to have a go at Coppicing. 

Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management which exploits the capacity of many species of trees to put out new shoots from their stump or roots if cut down. In a coppiced wood, which is called a copse, young tree stems are repeatedly cut down to near ground level, known as a stool. New growth emerges and after a number of years, the coppiced tree is harvested and the cycle begins anew

This activity will take place at Killynether Wood, Newtownards.

For more information, please contact 028 4278 7769

This activity is Free but donations welcome.

12 January 2019

Opening Times

  • 10am-3pm


  • Free
  • Donations Welcome

Contact Details

  • Address Killynether Wood Newtownards BT23 4Sj
  • Telephone 028 4278 7769
  • Email
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