An amazing historical challenge, swimming the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland!

In 1947 Tom Blower, a decorated Second World War hero, became the first Briton to swim the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland taking 15 hours and 26 minutes to accomplish the feat. The difficulty of the challenge is clear in that Blower’s success would not be repeated until 1970.

The North Channel Swim between Donaghadee and Portpatrick (or vice versa) is one, if not the most difficult, of seven long distance, cold water swims collectively known as the “Oceans Seven Challenge” created in 2008. It can take between nine and twenty hours to finish.

The other six “Ocean Challenges” are; the Cook Strait (New Zealand); the Molokai Channel (Hawaii); the English Channel; the Catalina Channel (U.S.A.); the Tsugaru Strait (Japan); and the Strait of Gibraltar.

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