Join Castle Espie after dark for a special Bat Night with local expert Donna Allen.

Visitors will get the opportunity to hear Donna talk about these amazing flying mammals, before going bat detecting out on the reserve and watching their astonishing aerial acrobatics.
The woodland at Castle Espie is home to some of the eight species of bats native to Northern Ireland. You will be equipped with bat detectors, to help identify the species that are swooping around the reserve, as they hunt for food.
Every night bats consume 3 – 3,500 flying insects and in recent years Common and Soprano Pipistrelles as well as Leislers and Daubentons have been detected at Castle Espie.
*Advance booking required, contact: or call 028 9187 4146*

21 September 2018

Opening Times

  • 7pm - 9pm


  • £12.50 per adult and £7.50 per child.

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